May 18, 2014

Rumor has it...

What makes a real sports journalist?

What breaks one?

It may look like trying to define what a journalist is since there is no difference between a hard news reporter and a sports writer when it comes to printing stories out. They follow the Who-What-When-Where-Why-How core. 

Facts. Hard facts. Tangible facts. These are all presented side-by-side when trying to make a case or a proper article. Guesses are made but they are based on evidence and not purely on hearsay. It's the reporter's credibility on the line here.

But then again, there are people who masquerade as "sports writers/journalists" but end up rumor-mongers who do it just for the fans. I think we all know who that guy is. Mind you, he may seem like he's in the circle of the sports community but people rarely interact with him. Heck, I'm picking James Ty over this guy if we're going to do a draft.

Call me a hater all you want. But Snow Badua is just a total tool. Well, he's the best PR person and "bespren" of every PBA player or big boss for that matter. Or so he wants you to think. Here's the guy who wants to be the bomb but always bombs out. He comes up with audacious "trade rumors" that it seems to be a regular on his show (I've flipped my remote sometimes). There was this instance that I caught when a texter was asking Snow for some rumors. What he replied? Wala pa akong rumors eh, babalikan natin yan, mabilis lang yan.

I know what a rumor is. I've been alive since the era of Michael Jordan and the heydays of Noli Locsin. There will always be people trying to make something out of nothing. But there is no one worse with this guy's street cred. I may be a fledgling sports writer but at least I keep it real. I do my darndest to put my case to light by showing my research and observations side-by-side. This one? HAH!

He's been labeled as the Cristy Fermin of sports, not just by me, but the real sports journalists, for all his unending rumor machine. And the worst part is, andami niya nang nauuto at inuuto na fans. 60k+ followers all hang on to his words and his #BluesClues. Before he releases an article, he will always play coy, like an Entertainment writer who knows something juicy (in this case, we all know the truth). But when the article comes out, you'd end up "meh not so much." And funny thing, most of the times it is farfetched. Unlike those NBA writers at Yahoo! or the main NBA page (US). But a fanbase deemed it worthy that this clown be called the "Best Sports Journalist."

Yep. He's the Best Sports Journalist alright. But you know the reasons? I kept some in mind: lahat ng rumors niya juicy at minsan nagkakatotoo, inaabangan ko yung mga pasabog at rumors niya, bespren ng lahat.

Best Sports Journalist nga.

A sports writer (whose identity I shall withhold, but rest assured is a respected one, being in Yahoo!) told me, if you don't bow down to this guy, he will destroy you online with the help of his 60k+ followers. When I opposed his patutsada to Norman Black, I couldn't contain it anymore. Being a Blue and White die hard, I am a loyalist. Bias? Hardly. This clown was short of calling Black "incompetent" as a coach.

He tweeted whether Coach Jong Uichico would've been better suited as TNT's coach in their Finals debacle based on...

... Approachability and being a player's coach. Genius right? Proof?

I couldn't hold back. Nothing against coach Jong (dude was a beast as San Miguel Beer's coach in the early turn of the century), but Snow was thinking he'd be a better coach in the Finals against SanMig Coffee's Tim Cone than Norman Black, again, based on Jong's approachability and being a player's coach.

PBA grandslam. 5-peat in the collegiate ranks. Giving Sta. Lucia one of its 2 championships as a member of the professional league. A perfect run in the elims. Ano pa ba ang kulang kay Mr. 110%? I couldn't keep my sarcasm in check. This guy was spitting on CNB's shoes and we've put up long enough with his idiotic ways.

Want to know how Mr. Badua replied?

Apparently I am narrow-minded according to Mr. Badua after giving out what I believe should be more grounds on competency. Hilariously though, he can't tell me how one is on top of the other or better suited for the head coaching job by giving me answers like system, defensive schemes, offensive playbook and creativity, the works. 

I live, breathe, and eat basketball. I can go on and on about the certain differences coaches Jong and Norman had with regards to their respective coaching careers. I always go back to his factors. Approachability and being a player's coach.

How the heck does that factor INSIDE the wood parquet?

Fine, CNB might not be a player's coach. He thrives in a system. He wins with HIS system.  I deem it the tough love approach. But it works doesn't it? He did go unbeaten before running straight to a hungrier SanMig squad. it's not his approachability's fault. It's not him being less of a player's coach. 

Ask any player if he would rather have minutes given by a player's coach or championships and winning with a tough love approach. Sure a player's coach would be fun, but look how far it gets you (hello there Mike D'Antoni and Mike Brown!). The coaches and managers who keep winning are the ones who are hell-bent to keep on the system whether the players like it or not. Look at Gregg Popovich, Tom Thibodeau, Rick Carlisle, Frank Vogel and Erik Spoelstra. They win because of their system (for Vogel, that was until Hibbert regressed) and philosophies. Not because they were a player's coach.

See, when you really ask this guy about what happens IN-GAME, his knowledge is caput. Zilch. Nada. What he does know is to speculate, do some PR and his favorite of bombing away with rumors.

Maybe if he provided some better reasons instead of the ones he indicated, I would've let him pass. I am not a hater who is stupidly hating (bobong hater as his jeje fans like to call them). I am merely incensed by his lack of respect for someone just because he isn't chummy chummy with this chump.  

Maybe next time, provide ample reasons why you think someone is better for a job. Base it on in-game scenarios, hard facts, observable materials, videos, tapes, etc. 

Some chump on Twitter even said he's the Adrian Wojnarowski of the Philippines. Really? How? Badua hasn't produced an article so moving like the ones Wojnarowski produces, which Chuck Araneta, Job De Leon, and friends love to call #WojBomb. He hasn't produced stuff that makes you realize, or think for that matter. 

At best, he is the Chris Broussard of the Philippines. One who claims "sources" but really means "Twitter." But saying that makes me vomit. Broussard deserves a modicum of respect to say the least.

Don't rumor monger.

Don't be a fool.

You know nothing, Snow.

P.S. Wag kasi pauuto guys. Journalists, even those in sports, always cross-check. Rule number 1 yun sa industriya. As much as possible, we limit the speculations to ones that have the highest probability of happening. This guy? Let's all share a good laugh.

P.P.S. He also claimed that he is not a showbiz writer. Next thing you see at, he's talking about James Yap's probable wedding rings. Is that still sports? The NBA doesn't publicize that kind of stuff regarding their players. Shame.